With the Quick a Steam steaming bags, you quickly make a delicious and healthy steam meal.
Advantages Quick a Steam:
- Healthy, preserving vitamins.
- Faster, saves up to 70% of the preparation time.
- Preservation of the pure taste.
- No washing-up, steaming bag is for single use.
- Also suitable for vegetables, fish, chicken pieces and potatoes.

- The instructions are in 12 different languages!
Content: 20 Medium Steam Bags, including detailed user manual.
Size: 16 x 26 cm (1 to 3 portions)
If you want to prepare more portions, you can use the Quick a Steam Large bags (3 to 6 portions).
Click on the instructionvideo at the bottom of this page to view the possibilities of this unique product.

€ 2,95
Price per per pack
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Video(s): Quick a Steam Medium

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