Crisp & Quick Baking allows hot air to circulate around the oven for crispier food and makes it easier to cook your food. It is healthier because you do not need to use butter or oil on your griddle, but instead you can use the oven shelf.
Advantages Crisp & Quick Baking:
- Allows hot air to circulate.
- Gives all round crispness.
- ± 20% faster, saves time, reduce baking time.
- Healthier: no butter, oil or deep-frying.
- Supports your food in the oven.
- Easily cut to size with scissors.
- Non-stick and easy to clean.
- Last up to 500 times, value for money!.
Content: 1 Crisp & Quick Baking
Size: 33 x 40 cm
Click on the instructionvideo at the bottom of this page to view the possibilities of this unique product.

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