To let you meet the unique products of Cook Studio, we have composed a special try out package for you!
The Try Out Package includes:
- Toast a Bags - 3 sandwich bags for 150 delicious sandwiches.
- The Safe Grip - prevents bad burns.
- Roast a Bags Medium - 10 medium roasting bags.
- Quick a Steam Medium - 10 medium steam bags.
- Grill a Bags - 2 bags for the folding grill.
- Oven Protector - reusable baking paper.
- Quick and Crisp Baking - the perfect baking sheet for the oven.
Normal retail value of this package: € 31.65
Try Out Price: € 25, - and FREE shipping!
Your benefit € 6,65
You can view all product descriptions and instructional videos of the products at the products in our webshop.
Tip: Give the Try Out Package as a gift! In the ordering process, you can also choose to send the package to someone else, while you pay the order.
€ 31,65
€ 25,00
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